• Feb 20, 2024
Portable Spectrum: RGB Stick Light Solutions for Quality Lighting

Light stick photography is a fun and easy way to add some extra flair to your photos. This type of photography is done by using a light stick or stick light wand to create interesting patterns and designs in your photos. You can use light sticks of any color, but the most popular colors are blue and green. To get the best results with light stick photography, you’ll need to follow a few simple tips.

Stick Light creates shadows, highlights, and contrast which can add depth and ambience to your photographs. One of the key things to keep in mind when playing with light in your photographs is the direction of the light. Side lighting can create dramatic shadows, while backlighting can create a soft and ethereal glow.

An Introduction The RGB Light Stick

If you have been using light wands in your photoshoots, the RGB LED light stick photography might seem like a boon to you. These light sticks make an exciting tool as their creative lights work best for light painting and adding spectacular lighting effects to your video.Just like most photography light wands, these light sticks are highly portable and give you full freedom of movement. LED RGB sticks work on batteries so if you have an outdoor shoot, all you have to do is carry an extra set of batteries and you’re good to go.

There are different ways to operate an RGB LED light stick, the most common is holding it in the hand. Another popular way includes mounting it on a stand for a more stable illumination. The best part about an LED stick RGB light is it tends to have a bright beam that covers the subject flawlessly. The latest variants of RGB lights come with 200+ separate colors. These colors can be adjusted to get the perfect hue and saturation.

LED RGB sticks are way more advanced than simple handheld LED lights or RGB light wands. Advanced RGB sticks come with a smartphone app that can be used to control the light. So if you wish to make adjustments to the tone, intensity, and hue of the light, you don’t have to get to the light to dial in the settings. You can change it by using the app. Some also come with a remote control device that can help you configure the lights. 

Essential Accessories for an RGB Light Stick

When using an LED RGB light, there are some accessories that you have to purchase for the light. 

A Carry Bag

A carry bag will not only help you carry the light but will also keep it safe from getting damaged. 

Spare batteries

The staple pair of batteries that you get with the lights might not be enough for a full-day shoot. You will need spare batteries that will replace the ones that are dead.

AC adapter

Not all RGB LED lights work on batteries, some require adapters. Barndoor: This might not be an essential accessory for all RGB LED lights, but having barn doors for a light wand helps the photographer to get more control over the light spread and allows you to get perfect pictures.

Why Stick Light is Important? 


Stick lights are easy to move around with RGB Stick lights are low maintenance and operate on a safe working voltage, No connecting cables and a comfortable carry handle make it very portable.


Stick lights are amazing devices for making surrounding lighting in different regions of your domestic. Their delicate and diffused shine can turn a straightforward room into a cozy and welcoming space. When deliberately set, stick lights can highlight building points of interest or give subtle light to dull corners, right away changing the general feel of the room.

Ease of use 

Stick lights boast intuitive designs, offering hassle-free operation with straightforward controls. Its simplicity ensures effortless setup and customization, making it ideal for users of all experience levels.

Different types of stick lights available to use

RGB Stick Light

All RGB Stick Light for photography has Elective Scenario Lighting Options Provided to fit your needs. It has Easy Control Buttons that provide the One Hand Control. Also comes with an LCD Screen for Readout of Dimming, Color Temperature & Scenario Lighting modes are displayed on the Stick light LCD screen. It has an option for Universal Mounting with 1/4” Female Threads on the base of the handle allowing Stand-Mounting and Hands-Free use.

LED Stick Light 

  1. Universal Mounting: 1/4" Female threads on the base of the handle allow stand-mounting and hands-free use.
  2. Rich light Control with Diffuser: Hard light / Anit Glase / Soft Light included with Pack.
  3. Easy control: Easy Control Buttons Provide one-hand control.

Portable Handheld with Remote Control 

Creative Effects like Selective Scenario Lighting Options Provided to fit your needs.

Comes with an NP F750 battery with 5200mAH capacity. Easy Control Buttons provide Hand Control. LCD Screen for Readout of Dimming, Color Temperature & Scenario Lighting modes are displayed on the LCD screen.Universal Mounting of 1/4” Female Threads on the base of the handle allows Stand-Mounting and Hands-Free use.


One light with two sides, one key switch between bi-color and RGB full-color mode. Bi-color temperature,2800K-6800K adjustable. RGB full-color mode: HSL/RGB/COL. Special effects of 26 kinds of FX lighting effects, 192 high-quality beads, and Removable barn door.

Portable Handheld 

Portable handheld stick lights provide convenient illumination on the go, featuring a compact and lightweight design for easy carrying. With adjustable brightness settings and a comfortable grip, these lights are perfect for outdoor adventures, camping trips, or emergencies. Their versatile nature makes them essential tools for any toolbox or travel kit, offering reliable lighting whenever and wherever needed.

Portable Handheld with Remote Control 

Portable handheld stick lights with remote controls offer convenient and hands-free illumination, allowing users to adjust settings from a distance. Featuring a compact design and ergonomic handle, these lights are perfect for camping, DIY projects, or nighttime walks. With customizable brightness levels and versatile mounting options, they provide versatile lighting solutions for various environments. Their remote control functionality adds an extra layer of convenience, making them essential tools for outdoor enthusiasts and home users alike.


VILTROX RGB LED Light Stick combines vibrant color options with versatile lighting capabilities, perfect for creative photography and videography projects. With adjustable color temperature and brightness settings, it offers precise control over lighting effects for professional results. Its sleek and portable design makes it easy to transport and set up in any location, while its durable construction ensures long-lasting performance. Whether for studio work or on-location shoots, the VILTROX RGB LED Light Stick is a versatile tool for enhancing visuals with dynamic lighting effects.

Features and Applications of each type of stick light for your photography needs

The versatile uses of stick light in photography

LED Stick Lights

  1. Energy-efficient LED bulbs.
  2. Compact and lightweight design.
  3. Long lifespan and durability.
  4. Adjustable brightness levels.
  5. Some models offer color-changing capabilities.
  6. Often rechargeable for portable use.
  1. Task lighting for reading, studying, or working.
  2. Accent lighting to highlight artwork or architectural features.
  3. Camping or outdoor activities for portable illumination.
  4. Emergency lighting during power outages.
  5. Photography or videography lighting for a softer glow.

RGB Stick Lights

  1. RGB (Red, Green, Blue) LEDs for customizable color options.
  2. Remote control or smartphone app for easy color adjustments.
  3. Dimming capabilities to set the desired brightness level.
  4. Various lighting modes like strobe, fade, or smooth transition.
  5. Flexible or bendable designs for creative installations.
  6. Some models offer synchronization with music or sound.
  1. Mood lighting to create ambiance in home or commercial spaces.
  2. Party or event lighting for a festive atmosphere.
  3. Stage or performance lighting for dramatic effects.
  4. Backlighting for TVs, monitors, or gaming setups.
  5. Decorative lighting for holidays or special occasions.

Magnetic Stick Lights

  1. Built-in magnets for easy attachment to metal surfaces.
  2. Compact and portable for versatile use.
  3. Adjustable angles for directing light where needed.
  4. Some models feature swivel heads for optimal positioning.
  5. Battery-powered for cordless operation.
  6. Durable construction for use in various environments.
  1. Hands-free lighting for automotive repairs or maintenance.
  2. Task lighting for workshops, garages, or sheds.
  3. Camping or outdoor activities where metal surfaces are available.
  4. Emergency lighting during power outages or roadside emergencies.
  5. Illumination in tight or hard-to-reach spaces.

Smart Stick Lights

  1. Connectivity options like Wi-Fi or Bluetooth for remote control.
  2. Integration with smart home systems like Alexa or Google Assistant.
  3. Voice control capabilities for hands-free operation.
  4. Programmable schedules or timers for automated lighting.
  5. Compatibility with smartphone apps for customization.
  6. Energy monitoring features to track power usage.
  1. Home automation for convenient lighting control.
  2. Personalized lighting scenes for different activities or moods.
  3. Energy-saving strategies through automated lighting schedules.
  4. Security lighting to simulate occupancy while away from home.
  5. Integration with other smart devices for a seamless experience.

Factors that affect light quality produced by stick lights

Some factors that can affect the quality of LED lights include color consistency, brightness, color rendering index (CRI), and energy efficiency. Lower-quality LED lights may have a lower CRI, which means that they may not render colors accurately or make colors look dull or decolorized colors. 

Color Consistency 

The effect of color consistency in lighting is profound and directly impacts the quality of illumination experienced. When lighting fixtures exhibit high color consistency, it ensures that all white LEDs emit light with the same hue, creating a uniform and harmonious lighting environment. This uniformity enhances visual comfort and perception, as there are no distracting variations in color temperature or hue across different areas.

Conversely, poor color consistency in lighting can lead to noticeable discrepancies in the hue of emitted light among different fixtures. These variations can be stark and evident, detracting from the overall aesthetic appeal and functionality of the lighting setup. In environments where color consistency is lacking, individuals may perceive uneven lighting or even experience discomfort due to the mismatched hues.

Color Rendering Index (CRI) 

CRI is one of the most important measurements of the light that you need to know about. CRI is referring to the light bulb’s ability to accurately show the colors of what we are photographing. The scale for CRI is 0-100. The thing is though, anything under a 92 on this scale will have a green light, and will not be able to render colors properly.

Low CRI = inaccurate colors – 85 is a low CRI (bad bulb).

The cheap bulbs on Amazon usually have a CRI of 85 or less and that’s only when they mention the CRI. Most of the bad bulb manufacturers don’t even bother to list the CRI. Bulbs that have a low CRI will have a very green color. Ultimately, understanding CRI and its impact on color rendering is essential for creating effective layering and brightness in lighting design. By considering factors such as color temperature and intensity, designers can create spaces that are both functional and visually stunning.


Brightness significantly influences the overall quality and effectiveness of lighting.

  1. Brighter lights improve visibility in both indoor and outdoor settings, enhancing safety and reducing the risk of accidents.
  2. Task Performance: Increased brightness facilitates better task performance by providing adequate illumination for activities such as reading, cooking, or working.
  3. Brightness plays a crucial role in setting the ambiance of a space. Dimmering lighting creates a cozy, intimate atmosphere, while brighter lighting fosters a more energetic or productive environment.
  4. Bright lighting can positively impact mood and alertness, promoting feelings of happiness, focus, and productivity.
  5. Brightness affects color perception, with higher brightness levels generally enhancing the vibrancy and clarity of colors in a space.
  6. Proper brightness levels are essential for showcasing architectural features, artwork, or décor elements effectively, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of a space.

Let’s Assess Portability Factors for Weight, Size, and Carrying Options

Different stick lights come in handy and most of them are easily portable.If you have a shoot and you don’t want to go with the heavy equipment coming along with you you can just move towards RGB LED Stick Lights. 


Stick light is very lightweight, even a child can hold it but it is not recommended to give it to a child for safety purposes. 


When we come to the factor of size, stick lights come in appropriate size you can look for a piece of professional photography equipment. 

Carrying Options 

You should make sure to carry the stick lights or stick wands in the carry bag that comes with the light itself or have one to pack the light safely. 

Tips for packing and protecting your stick light while traveling

Let’s start with the space. The stick lights don’t take much space to get packed. If it has come with a case, carry the light in that case and if you do not have a carry bag, must buy one for the ultimate protection for your stick lights. 

During the travel, you must ensure proper packaging of the stick lights in an appropriate way keeping in mind it should be in a position of stability and should remain as it is during the journey.

One Stick Light you are missing on 

The most important Stick light that you must have is the bestseller of Digitek India. The Digitek DSL -20W RGB Stick Light - the best online stick light is here to fulfill all your needs for a perpetual lighting system for your photography. 

Introducing our innovative Stick Light: the ultimate solution for customizable stage lighting. Equipped with a powerful 5,200mAh NP F750 battery, this portable flashlight provides uninterrupted illumination for your creative endeavors. With simple control buttons and an intuitive LCD, adjusting dimming, color temperature and scene lighting modes is a breeze. 

With universal mounting options including a 1/4" female thread and hot shoe connector, they can be easily mounted to tripods or connected to additional lights to expand your lighting options. Whether you are a professional photographer, a videographer, or a content creator our Stick Light is designed to meet your versatile lighting needs with precision and simplicity.


Stick lights serve multiple purposes in your photography and a content creator or photographer must have one stick light to give various effects to their photos and shoot. Lighting is important for making any photograph. Good photography is all about working with light, so having a better grasp on this aspect of the craft can benefit you. Having a proficient lighting sense, a photographer can achieve professional-level results. Hope this article has helped you understand the types of Stick lights and their usage.