• May 15, 2024
How to Set Up and Use a Ring Light

Lights, camera, action? NO 

Ring Lights, camera, action!

We all know the importance of ring lights when it comes to content creation. Creating something or your unique idea is very difficult and we all want to make it look the best just as we imagine in our mind. 

Ring Lights are a part of the content creation journey. Suppose you want to start your Instagram page or a YouTube channel, how will you start right from the beginning? Digitek is here to help you all with the content creation kit which has all the tools and accessories you need to create your content, videos like influencers, and much more. 

Let’s delve into the importance of ring lights for shooting a reel

Getting to the point, it all starts with a ring light when it comes to a good shooting with a limited space and with a budget with a mark. Ring lights are just enough to shoot super duper content and make yourself look like a superstar. 

For shooting a good-quality video, you think you need expensive lights, right? 

Creating good quality content is not about big lights and setups, many influencers do this instead:

FYI: 65% of the influencers use ring lights even to click a picture and post it on their social handles. They often use it for creating content and shooting videos. 

When you shoot in ring lights, it is more likely to come out as the perfect video to post.

With Ring Lights, and Ring light with remote, It is easy to create content as it eliminates all the appearance of blemishes, Plus, it makes your eyes look brighter, pulling focus onto your face for photos and videos. 

By putting light on the subject, they automatically transform a plain-looking video into a high-quality, more organized, and professional one. Therefore, Ring lights are especially excellent for close-up shots. 

Why are Ring Lights so necessary among creators? 

Almost every photo or video creator or influencer is using a ring light right now. This is because it is good to transform the light of your ambiance or on your face. It can transform amateur video into a high-quality content video that looks professional, and well-produced, a very good-to-go video to post on all social media platforms.  

Ring Lights are the absolute way for small creators to make their content look flawless. Plus, you do not have to take classes or watch any YouTube tutorials to operate selfie and Ring lights, unlike professional lighting.
You simply have to start the light and start recording. 

Here are some things you can use a ring light for: 



-Close-up Shots 

-Macro Photography 

-Video Content 

Now, if you are a creator or an influencer, you are going to stand up and go to an electronics store to buy a ring light for yourself. But keep these 3 things in mind when choosing a ring light. 

Four things to look for before buying a ring light


Ring lights come in various sizes, starting from 8 inches to 24 inches. 

Now, you must know ring lights are nothing but a full good collection of LED bulbs forming a ring, bigger lights have more bulbs and vice versa. With bigger lights you also get more light and the respective light covers a large area.  Smaller ring lights are called- ‘selfie lights’. They don’t put that much light out but they illuminate your face and facial features.
Smaller lights have small diameters, so they don’t cover wider areas but are focused in the center, just on your face.

Also, smaller ring lights come with a phone clip, you can attach your phone with it and start recording. Medium-sized lights ranging from 10 to 12 inches work best for shooting close-up videos in smaller rooms as well as photos and selfies. If you create tutorials such as makeup tutorials, middle-sized ring lights are good. Larger ring lights from 18 to 20 inches work well for larger shots in larger areas. They take up a lot of space and you may feel a little hot when shooting in front of one.

CRI and temperature

The CRI or Color Rendering Index measures how well your ring light renders the true colors of the background and subjects. Ideally, the ring light should have a CRI of 95 or higher, giving your subject colors a brighter and more vibrant appearance. Poor ring lights with low CRI make videos and images look one-dimensional and washed out.

Also, the increased color temperature in your light helps bring out the colors in your shot. Any temperature above 5500 Kelvin will be enough to get the most out of your ring light’s power.

The use of resources

Of course, usability is important. This is why ring lights are so attractive because they are easier to use than mechanical devices. So a ring lamp that is difficult to use is beyond the point unless its features are adequate.

If you can, be sure to try the ring light before you buy. Check out the system's versatility and control options available to you. More options don’t necessarily mean a better deal. However, a little modification gives you a versatile product that works for a variety of guns and materials.

For example, you can change the color of the bulbs in your ring light, giving you more options with the lighting in your details.


While the smaller ring lights are battery-operated or rechargeable, the larger ring lights require AC power or batteries as they power multiple bulbs. If you get a small ring light, long battery life is important so you can shoot long videos without worry.

Look for a ring light with a rechargeable battery if you plan on doing vlogs or walking around while shooting your video content. This is because, typically, ring lights are USB-powered, which means you have to stay near an outlet for your shot.

Our Top pickup for Ring Lights of Digitek 

Before buying a ring light as a beginner

Digitek India has several ring lights and our top pick for ring lights is gonna be this one, mentioned below. 

Digitek (DRL-18RC9)  Professional 18" Ring Light with Remote & 9 Ft Stand

Here are some of the best features of this product that make this product a wonderful pick for beginners. 

-Multi-angle smartphone holder: Rotate your phone 360 ​​degrees for vertical and horizontal shooting without removing it from the holder.

-Hot Shoe Adapter: The ring lamp easily attaches to regular shoes at a photographer's stand.

-Dual color mode: Choose color temperatures from 3200K to 5600K to get the perfect lighting for your photos or videos.

-Button controls: Easily adjust brightness and color temperature with intuitive button controls on the power button for easy operation.

-9-foot stand: Enjoy the flexibility and stability of the 9-foot stand, which keeps your ring light secure during use.

-Remote Control: This comes with a remote for added convenience, allowing you to change settings without having to go to the ring light.

Start with the best Ring Light 

For those just starting to enter video content, Digitek Selfie Ring Light with Tripod Stand and Phone Holder offers the most bang for your buck. This ring light comes with a tripod and attached phone holder to get you started on your video and photo projects right out of the box. We also like the inclusion of a Bluetooth remote that can be connected to iPhone and Android devices to remotely operate your phone’s shutter for hands-free shooting.