• Apr 18, 2024
Put an End to Your Shaky Videos! (Guide on How to Gimbal)

The shaky videos are amateurish, rough, and scratchy around the edges, and a pain to sit through. Not only is it annoying, but shaky videos can also irritate some people; Increasing sensitivity on larger screens. It has a sneaky way of putting viewers off, causing them to leave your video prematurely, or leave altogether. No matter how steady we try to be, holding our camera in our hands is bound to cause a little trepidation. The closer you get, the shakier your images get, and the shakier your video gets.

Right stabilization isn’t always the most powerful

Videos that shake like a bad dance - unprofessional, unpolished, and hard to watch. They can make some people cringe, especially when seen on the big screen. Even worse, viewers can be made to hit the exit button before your video is even finished or refuse to watch at all. Today's video stabilization generation is sort of a superhero, swooping in to store the day and make our films watchable. It's so powerful and effective that it could turn even the most shaky pictures into something usable. It's like magic! But right here's the thing, my buddy, every so often less is more. Satisfactory video stabilization isn't always the most powerful one. It's all about finding the proper stability. You do not want to overdo it and drain your battery or hog all your processing power. And allow now not to overlook, no matter how tough we strive, there'll constantly be a little bit of shakiness when we are hand-maintaining our cameras. It's just the way it is. So, recollect, the extra you zoom in, the shakier matters get. It's a delicate dance, my friend, but with the proper quantity of stabilization, your videos can be smooth as butter.

Then how Do you Stop?

Forget shaky photos! With video stabilization, you can seize the moment without stressing approximately preserving a steady hand. Whether you're using a DSLR, telephone, or action cam, simply be aware of filming and allow the era to do the rest. Check out these tips to make your movies even:

Get your hands on a tripod for those still shots! 

To make sure your footage is rock-stable, a tripod is your exceptional friend. No greater shaky or jerky movies with this trusty device. Plus, you could smoothly pan left and right without problems. Just make certain your tripod is internal and out earlier than you start taking pictures, so you can nail those best pans.

Use a Gimbal for Dynamic Shots

When you need your digital camera to observe the action, forget about the use of a tripod. But don't worry, attaching your camera to a gimbal will do the trick. It continues your digicam regularly and inside the proper function so that you can seize those dynamic photographs without any undesirable movements. And for some innovative monitoring shots, simply take hold of a skateboard or a rolling walker!

Find your Groove

When shooting footage without maintaining the camera, it's vital to find your sweet spot. Avoid contorting yourself into an ungainly function while filming, as this will surely cause shaky shots.

Shorter Focal Length

Opt for a lens with a shorter focal duration to seize wider angles. Ensure you choose the widest perspective feasible by adjusting the settings in your digital camera settings. The broader the picture angle, the smoother the video may be. With a wide-perspective lens, digicam shake is minimized, resulting in greater strong pictures.

Let’s Talk about Gimbal!

When you film something on your phone or with a handheld camera, it’s usually a bit shaky. A gimbal has sensors and motors that work together to keep your camera steady and supported, just like a trusty tripod. But here's the twist: it's not just for standing still, oh no! It's like a selfie stick on steroids, with a bunch of fancy controls on the handle. You can swivel, tilt, and take charge of your shots, whether you're rocking a fancy DSLR, a cool GoPro, a cinema camera, or even a humble smartphone. It's like having a whole film crew in the palm of your hand!

How does a Gimbal Work?

The gimbal has a sixth sense for distinguishing your deliberate moves from those pesky little jitters. With its stealthy, noiseless motors, it works its magic to deliver a flawlessly professional outcome, just like the stabilizing motors found in drones.

What is a 3-axis Gimbal?

Let's delve into the internal workings of the gimbal: especially, the 3-axis setup that keeps the whole thing in test. If you come across the period 'three-axis gimbal,' do not worry. It's in reality every other way of relating to everyday gimbals. The gimbal ensures your photos stay steady by transmitting movement data to its motors and sensors via 'inner dimension units' (IMUs). Think of it as your mind-sending indicators for your frame – the gimbal's computational prowess allows it to hastily calculate the appropriate amount of motion required to counteract any unwanted shaking. So, when this fancy system senses a few movements happening on one of its three axes, it at once springs into motion on the other end to keep matters high-quality and steady. Plus, it's smart enough to recognize when a motion turned into a completed cause. No want for it to correct a planned tilt, right? The 3 axes cover all the feasible moves the digital camera could make.


Tilt is the art of capturing friendly horizontal movement. It’s like a pitch axis, you know? It’s perfect for following a theme going up or down like climbing stairs or bouncing on a trampoline


Now, let’s talk about drinking. It's all about the camera sliding gracefully from side to side, mostly left to right. Some call it the ‘pain’ axis, and then you see it just below the camera. This is exactly what you need to follow a subject as they move from one place to another, like a cyclist or a pedestrian on the street.


The roll axle moves upward, catching a point that just can’t stand still. It’s like a superhero that helps keep your focus when the subject is annoying and moving around, rather than sticking to one spot or going straight.

Are Gimbals the Game Changer For Filmmaking? 

Serious about your filmmaking? This is why you need a Gimbal

Gimbals are a must-have for filmmakers these days. Everyone is itching to get their hands on one and gimbals are famous for taking those silky smooth shots. That’s why gimbals are a real game-changer in the film industry:


With their lightweight and compact design, modern gimbals are ideal companions for shooting on the fly.

Extended Shooting Time

Thanks to improved battery life, gimbals can now run longer, guaranteeing you’ll never have a short downtime.

Smooth Look

Say goodbye to the shaky look! The gimbals work their magic to keep your rifle stable and smooth, no matter how challenging the shooting conditions.

Creative Freedom

Gimbals empower cinematographers to explore multiple shooting techniques and angles while keeping everything still and stable From capturing stunning images to zooming in on dramatic effects, gimbals open up a world of endless creative possibilities to blow your mind.

Professional Look

Imagine your words floating smoothly and gracefully, like a squirrel on a calm pond. That’s the polished and professional look you bring to your scene, taking it to a whole new level of quality and giving your viewers a superior experience. Whether you’re creating videos for your own enjoyment or working on professional projects, Gimbals will make your content shine brightly in the vast digital universe.

Increased Versatility

Add to the days of hanging heavy and expensive equipment to get a good look at the film footage. Gimbals are superheroes of the film industry, small and portable but powerful professionally. They give you the freedom to explore different shooting situations without compromising quality, and they make them the perfect companion for whatever adventure you’re on

Heard of AI Gimbals?

AI Gimbal's secret weapon is its super smart stabilization system, which uses sensors, motors, and AI magic to zap anything shaky or wobbly in your scenes in no time. Whether you’re walking, commuting, running, or filming from a bumpy ride, this bad boy butters up your shot. From stunning movie footage to action thrillers to impromptu vlogs, It can adapt to different shooting situations with ease, in photographic work. Through artificial intelligence, these new devices use sophisticated AI algorithms to assess the environment, guide users, and adjust tilt, pan, and roll settings types effortlessly to get the best shot. This groundbreaking technology allows videographers to showcase their artistic talents without the burden of technical difficulties. Plus, the AI gimbals come packed with a variety of smart shooting modes and features that are all about increasing your creativity and efficiency. Whether it’s motion time, panorama shots, object tracking, or gestures, these rich assignments make it a breeze for filmmakers to capture stunning footage without breaking a sweat In addition, things that are as cool as face recognition and theme tracking ensure your main focus stays sharp, which makes for a super smooth transition between takes. 

Is Digitek AI Gimbal (DSG 007F) the Future of Storytelling? 

The Digitek AI Gimbal isn't just any old gimbal; it's the gimbal of the future, leading innovation and setting new standards for filmmakers and content creators. This gimbal is powered by high-level AI technology, not just a feature; It is the creative genius that drives designers to break new ground in their work. The secret ingredient for quality is the latest facial and motion control technology, which guarantees that your subject will remain active no matter how it moves. This high-end tracking capability is unbeatable and doesn’t compare, allowing creatives to let their imaginations run wild unfettered by technical limitations.

Additionally, the Digitek AI Gimbal (DSG 007F) exhibits a flawless blend of smooth functionality and breezy performance. Equipped with superior anti-vibration physical technology for a smooth transition between horizontal and vertical shooting, this gimbal has been carefully crafted to elevate your filmmaking journey. The lightweight, flexible, and collapsible Digitek AI Gimbal (DSG 007F) is all set to accompany creatives on their artistic journey no matter where it takes them. Capable of capturing images with complexity and ease in all conditions, this gimbal isn’t just the next big thing in gimbals—it’s the next big thing in storytelling.