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Favorite gadget of Youtubers & Influencers: Digitek Gimbal


There was a time when having a mobile phone was considered a luxury. But not anymore! Smartphones are now an inevitable part of our lives. We are consumed by fancy apps & cool features of newer devices. The fancier the better is the motto of the modern age. In the quest to be better, we continuously evolve with the gadgets we use. And, the gadgets are subsequently changing the way we perceive and live.

Technology has revolutionized the way we stream music. From walk mans to iPod to ear pods and Alexa, gadgets have changed our lifestyle. With the easy access to technology, we are deeply consumed by the technology. Adults are occupied with hashtags on Instagram, younger ones are found busy snap chatting, while the infants feed on YouTube videos. Binge watching videos is a new cool thing, irrespective of age or gender. And, surprisingly needs of all kinds are well catered by new age video makers.

With increasing numbers of social media users, many content creators and influencers are building content loved by their followers. Some started it as a hobby while some are passionate about creating content for a wide category ranging from lifestyle, food, travel, hospitality, fashion, art, culture etc. Everything that you create, be it an image or a video, has wide potential of getting viral among the audience. Hence, these influencers, bloggers make sure that the content they create is pleasingly attractive and good in quality.

The passionate content creators are using modern technology and smart gadgets to improve the quality of their produce. For instance, many bloggers and you-tubers use video stabilizing mobile gimbal to get professional-like videos using their mobile phones only. Mobile Gimbal such as Digitek’s 3-axis mobile gimbal is popular for its quality output and attractive price bracket.

Digitek Mobile Gimbal is a smart video stabilizing device that can be used to shoot smooth, jerk-free, steady videos using mobile phone. Digitek Gimbal is compatible for both android and ios devices and it can also be used with go pro to shoot action packed videos. Digitek’s 3-axis mobile gimbal allows steady movement of mobile camera and smoother pans and tilts to get professional output even from inexpensive mobile cameras.

One can also explore a wide range of gadgets for smartphone to improve photography. Pictar one is another revolutionary product by Digitek that offers all the features of an expensive DSLR camera to your mobile phone. Try one of these gadgets and tell us what you loved the most.