DigiTek®(DCL-150W Combo) Continuous LED Photo/Video Light with 18 cm Reflector Suitable for All Kinds of Small Production Photography / Power Saving & Environment Protection

  • Digitek Continuous LED Photo/Video Light D. . .
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  • Digitek Continuous LED Photo/Video Light DCL-150W Combo, a Unique Modern Mellifluous tool to design , cater the Photographers aesthetic idea suitable for all kinds of Small Production Photography / Power saving & Environment Protection. Long working life.
  • New Green High-Tech production. Non- Deformation, Non- Breakage, can adjust brightness or darken as required. Suitable for Meeting Rooms, Small Studio, News Studio, Advertising company, small productions and People’s Photography.
  • Made of High-Strength Aluminum Alloy and durable Engineering Plastic Outer Case. The mounting is also individual designed, which looks beautiful, fashionable in style.
  • It has latest strong Anti-jamming CPU, which makes the circuit /structure more simple & reasonable. Also controlling statistics stable and improves the consistency of the whole light., Designed over Heat Protection and High Power cooling fan, which is suitable for wide range voltage.
Manufacturer‎‎IMS Mercantiles Pvt. Ltd., 1800-123-544-444
Country of Origin‎China
Product Dimensions‎30 x 224 x 24 cm
Warranty3 Months

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