K&F Concept Variable ND Filter ND2-ND400 (1-9 Stops) with Putter HD 28 Multi-Layer Coatings Import AGC Glass Adjustable Neutral Density Filter for Camera Lens

*Product once sold will not be returned until there is a manufacturing defect. In case of any dispute, please make a video while . . .
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*Product once sold will not be returned until there is a manufacturing defect. In case of any dispute, please make a video while opening the product to claim your refund.
  • 1 Second Swap & Install : K&F Concept magnetic lens filter could finish installed in less than one second compared with conventional thread filter. Avoided frozen hands in cold weather and never miss any wonderful moment
  • 28 Multi-Layer Coatings : All filters are made of import AGC High Definition Premium Optical glass, double-side multicoated, no chromatic aberration (color shift) hydrophobic,scratch-resistant, oil proof. Provides you a perfect photography experience, protecting your lens from all around.
  • Ultra Slim Frame : 1.9mm-3.5mm ultra-slim frame ensures no vignetting and dark corner on 16mm wide-angle focal length. CNC non-slip system frame , easy for install and remove. Equipped with aviation-grade aluminum alloy material magnetic lens cover, both magnetic and threaded, can be installed on the lens, two-in-one function
  • Professional Filter for Portrait Photography :This black soft 1/4 filter could soften the wrinkles, freckles and pores of facial skin, making it more delicate, plump and gorgeous. The hazy film effect can be better realized, showing dreamily film effect. In order to ensure the ultra-high definition image quality, the double polishing process is adopted to ensure the high definition within 550mm focal length.Reconmending use it in video shooting.

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Vendor K&F Lens Filter
Material K&F Classic ND2-ND400 Filter 49MM, K&F Classic ND2-ND400 Filter 55MM, K&F Classic ND2-ND400 Filter 58MM, K&F Classic ND2-ND400 Filter 62MM, K&F Classic ND2-ND400 Filter 67MM, K&F Classic ND2-ND400 Filter 72MM, K&F Classic ND2-ND400 Filter 77MM
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