Envie AAA 800 mA Ready To Use (4 Pcs.) Battery

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Quick Overview

  • The Envie AAA 800 Infinite Battery is a set of 2 AAA Batteries.
  • It is a premium range of Product from Envie.
  • The set of batteries have a current rating of 800mAh.
  • The batteries are ready to use and have Low Self discharge, 80% Charge remains even after 1 year.
  • The batteries are rechargeable and allow you to use them multiple times.
  • The AA Sized battery is compatible with a large number of devices including remote controls, electronic toys, cameras, flashlights, torches and various other devices.

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ENVIE AAA SIZE 800 MAH NIMH 1.2 V READY TO USE RECHARGEABLE BATTERIES (4 PCS.) Description : You get four AAA size Ready to Use NI-MH Rechargeable batteries of 800 mAh (Two 2pl Cards as shown in the picture). Ready To Use Rechargeable means that they can be used the moment you open the pack,unlike other batteries that need to be charged first. Low self –discharge ,which means that you have over 80% charge left even after a year of no usage. Ideal for both high and low drain devices like cordless phones ,digital cameras, video games, remote-controlled toys, camcorders,wall clocks,portable CD players,Walkman, MP3 payers, digital audio recorders and so on. Zero percent cadmium content, hence environment –friendly. NOTE :Ideal for cordless phones. Specification: Size = AAA , Capacity = 800mAh , Voltage =1.2 V , Cell Type = Ni-Mh (Infinite – Ready to use) Note:BATTERY WILL GIVE FULL CAPACITY OUTPUT ONLY AFTER 6-8 CHARGE / DISCHARGE CYCLES. PACKAGE CONTENTS : Four pcs. (Two 2pl cards) of AAA 800 mA NiMH RTU(Ready To Use) rechargeable batteries as shown in the picture.