Digitek Battery For Sony BG-1-FG-1

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Quick Overview

Cell Type : Li-ion
Voltage : 3.6V
Capacity : 945mAh
Compatible Models
Sony Cyber-shot-W80, W290, H20, H55, W120, W220 , W230, W150, W50, H7, N2, W90, H10, H9, W100, T100, W70, T20, H50, W200, Sony Cyber-shot H-3, Sony Cyber-shot H-7, Sony Cyber-shot H-50, Sony Cyber-shot H-50/B, Sony Cyber-shot N-1, Sony Cyber-shot t-100, Sony Cyber-shot T-20, Sony Cyber-shot W-100, Sony Cyber-shot W-120, Sony Cyber-shot W120/P, Sony Cyber-shotW-150, Sony Cyber-shot W-170, Sony Cyber-shot W-30 and Sony Cyber-shot W-300 range of cameras.

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Digitek Li-ion Battery BG-1/FG-1 is rechargeable & fits for Sony Model DSLR Camera. It is of 945mAh & 3.6V Capacity.

NP-BG-1 / FG-1

Do NOT place the battery in over 60ºC temperature or in fire.
Do NOT store the battery without recharging for over 6 months.
Do NOT wipe the metal part of the battery with wet cloth.
Do NOT touch the with wet hands or put it in water/liquids.
Avoid charging or discharging halfway.
Over 500 full discharge/charge times.