5 Head Bulb Lamp Holder with Softbox
DSBH 5070


Quick Overview

Digitek 5 Head Bulb Lamp holder made with sturdy plastic housing. Ideal for photo lamp
with E27 screw socket, 5 Switches on the back to control the power of All of the light
bulbs. Comes With a umbrella or softbox holder to hold studio umbrella or softbox, etc.
Specially Designed for Film Camera, Digital Photo and Video Shooting.!

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1. Five-Holder Tricolor Light is applicable for shooting in studios or workshops
2. This light has five E27 holders to fix 5 bulbs
3. Three switches control the on-or-off of the bulbs
4. The ideal continuous lighting source. The safe and reliable light is easy to operate. You 
can install a softbox to have a - soft and natural lighting effect.
5. On the control panel, a sign is provided above each switch and indicates the bulbs 
controlled by the switch. For example, Switch
Specifications :
Power : 5 x Max 125W
Socket : E27
Power Control : 5 Bulbs 5 Switches
Rated Voltage : AC 110V~240V 50/60Hz
Weight : 0.76KG
Dimension : 170*250*90mm