Capture your Memory! to remember

Capture your Memory! to remember

Photography keeps our memories alive. Time flies and the moments gone by, will never come back. We cannot celebrate our 18th birthday again or get our first kiss again,they happen once in our life, and Moments of happiness, fun, friendship, love, togetherness can only be felt through the priceless pictures which can hold the memories for life. It feels great to relive those moments by looking into those beautiful pictures and cherish it.
People are social in nature and they love sharing their happiness,troubles,agonies,achievements,with other people and you know a picture tells a thousand words,so it without doubt makes sense if they do it through photos,so they can have better communication and understanding.
People take pictures to capture the special moments of their life and the time spent with their loved ones. Every picture has a story behind it. You can give everything to photography but photography can give you only one thing and that is Happiness.

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