• Dec 07, 2022
Everything you need to know about using a ring light for photography & videos
"How come my beauty and fashion photos don't turn heads?"

This seems to be the most obvious question that new photographers and content creators seek a perfect answer for. A sheer lack of quality can be exacerbated by a missing machine or equipment or by using the utterly wrong photography skill. Thankfully, A ring light can solve most of these concerns. Ring lights had already long been used by style and beauty creatives to conjure up appealing visual content. 

Even if you've tried taking selfies using your smart device but instead are discontented with the outcomes, you might want to indulge in some fresh photography equipment. Sounds too good to be true. A ring light can assist you in capturing stunning photos and videos that are both clean and well-lit. Now you must be intrigued to learn more about ring lights. Let’s jump right in.

What’s the Fuss About Ring Light?

A ring light is an elongated lighting device that uniformly enlightens a close-up photograph's subject. Ring lights are commonly used in portraits. A professional photographer or videographer might utilize a ring light in addition to the normal studio lighting to assure people's face looks evenly illuminated with a pleasurable, warm glow.

It makes use of a round or circular fluorescent tube or array of bulbs or LEDs. The halo curve aids in the dispersion of light and also the sharp decline of dark corners. As a consequence, the image or video appears more endearing.

LED ring lightsare now selling like hotcakes as this accessory has wide potential capabilities to make a boring thing look attractive. They're a feasible, proficient ideal solution even if a conventional lighting setting isn't plausible.

Ring lights can be used for wedding receptions, portrait photography, and photographs of all different sorts, and not just to take glamor shots. A ring flash can now be used for macro photography, including close-up shots of flowers, jewelry, as well as other smaller items for commercial applications.

Ring Lights: A Must-Have Accessory for New Age Content Creators

A ring light is predominantly used by nearly every influencer, video creator, vlogger, or artist. This is because the vibrant yet uniform lighting effects ease the way for transmogrifying amateur visuals into something that appears superior quality, professional and worthy.

In addition, unlike studio lighting equipment, there is no bit of a grind using a ring or selfie light; directly refer to the subject and get your images or videos to do the talking.

A ring light can be used for a variety of purposes, including:

  • Emphasizes your portraits and even make-up tutorials details 
  • Enhancing your facial including other features in every YouTube video
  • Getting the macro work done perfectly in your Macro photography
  • Generating diverse color effects
  • Accenting the mightiest details in portraits, selfies, and close-up images
  • One Size Doesn’t Fit All: Get the Right Ring Light Solution Here

    It comes to picking a ring light, keep your envisioned use in mind. What kind of media are you producing, and why do you require a ring light? A macro videographer and a TikTok user will seek out things in different ways. You'll need to consider your spending limit as well as the camera you're utilizing. Your camera lens must accommodate through the ring to mitigate vignetting.

    There's a lot to contemplate, however, we will assist you in locating the ideal ring light for your necessities. Photojournalists, influencers, and content creators take a look at the following list.

    For Taking Selfies

    If you desire to augment your selfie shot, you should consider buying LED Ring Light DRL-14C with Shadow apertures from Digitek. Getting this selfie ring light that incorporates around the lens of your smartphone camera can help create equitably lit pictures in all illumination changes.

    This 36 cm (14 inches) LED ring light boasts features like:

  • 5 Feet Light Stand
  • Mini Tripod
  • Intensity Control
  • Color Temperature Control
  • Power Button
  • If you’re looking for an all-in-one solution for taking selfies, photo shoots, video shoots, or jumping on to live streams with consistent lighting, this might be your go-to accessory.

    For More Detailed Close Ups

    If you're attempting to appear in more detailed close-ups rather than just selfies, a conventional ring light like the Digitek LED Ring Light DRL-15C RGB with No Shadow apertures might be a better option.

    This LED Circle Light is compatible with iPhone, and Android phones and the camera is ideal for almost any type of scenario. It has gear-shifting color temperature alteration to retain product tonality or develop fine specific topic details.

    Using the expandable stable stands, 360 rotatable mobile phone holder, and much more, you can effortlessly get the most from this multi-purpose ring light alone.

    For Generating High-End YouTube Videos

    If you've already been awestruck staring at TikTok, Instagram, or your famous YouTubers' videos, it's presumably because they'll be using one of the best ring lights like Digitek DRL 018H professional ring light behind the camera.

    In addition to the 18-inch big LED ring light, this effective tool comes also comes with two color dimmable lighting effects, an adjustable light stand, an AC power cable, a smartphone mount, a hot shoe adapter for DSLR cameras, a remote control, a carry bag to take them all with you.

    Plus, this amazing accessory is packed with 360-degree rotated smartphone holders along with color temperature variables from 3200 to 5600k to put your contemporaries' video-making skills to shame.

    If you're a highly qualified portrait or fashion photographer who uses a ring light, you should presumably get one that's supposed to work with a DSLR. This LED ring light is designed to be attached directly to your lens, making it an ideal choice for taking that magnificent macro photography.

    For Everything You Need

    If you would love to experiment with your photos or videos, then you must opt for a brighter-than-ever Digitek DRL-18 RGB LED ring light. Why? Because this is the ultimate ring light that is way brighter than you can imagine.

    No matter whether intent on just taking photos, looking for creating intriguing YouTube videos, or aspiring to showcase your makeup skills online, this ring light can make every piece of art look visually dramatic.

    This power-packed LED ring light includes:

  • 3-Color Temperature Lights
  • 21-Color Rainbow Looking Lights
  • RGB Lighting Effects
  • 55W Power Output
  • 400Pcs LED bulbs
  • 360° Rotatable Phone Holder
  • If you are thinking of buying just more than an accessory, then this Digitek LED ring light is just meant to turn your dreams into digital reality.

    The Power of Lights & Effects Lies in Your Hands Now!

    Whether you're shooting high fashion portrayals in a production house or macro images of petals and native animals, a ring light will substantially enhance your ambient lighting. It's an indispensable tool for both novice and experienced photographers.

    If you're now hoping to improve your photos or video skills, you can't go wrong with a ring light. Using such a can enable you to achieve quality work that will set you apart from the competition. Most notably, they're a great deal of pleasure to mess around with.

    Even if you have no idea about using your ring light imaginatively, you'll still find it to be a useful source of light for adding the charming ring light impact to your every image. It's sometimes worth picking up one just to see what you can explore and do things differently.