• Nov 30, 2022
5 ways how mobile gimbal can make your content more cinematic

Glad we are in a time where mobile phones have more than one camera lens and are capable of astoundingly good photography/videography. So much so that professionals now use smartphones and successfully achieve unwrinkled and cinematic footage. Have you ever wondered what the secret behind it is?

Precise profile pictures, incredible filmography, unvarying footage, and awe-struck creativity. Let’s just say you can bid adieu to shaky and blurry visuals with this object - Mobile Gimbal. A one-stop solution for creative and cinematic vlogging, tight-budget filmography, social media content, and kick-ass YouTube videos. Regardless of how high-end your smartphone is, avant-garde mobile gimbals can let your videos look better than ever before.

If you have a keen eye for mobile filmmaking, get ready to know everything about this much-needed accessory.

What is a Mobile Gimbal? 

Here’s an accessory that will let you walk and talk simultaneously. It is portable, foldable, creative, and has an upgraded selfie stick. A mobile gimbal is designed to support quick switches between vertical and horizontal shoots, and shoot high-end static, and motions like never before.

In a snippet, a smartphone gimbal  will allow you to take your photography and filmmaking to the next level. Get a jerk-free visual and steady motion you have been dreaming of privately.

The equipment provides a realistic side of an immaculate picture. A mobile gimbal is a shaft support to allow movement of an object with stabilization. It balances the camera’s pan, tilt, and roll. The 3-axis gimbal is configured to provide splendid stability with the tiny motor. It eliminates the handheld tremulous, which we are prone to. The motor applies internal force and counteracts external movement. The process results in a beautiful outcome of resisting motion, picture-framed shots, fast-action illustrations, and more outlandish upshots.

Let’s explore the technical side of how this equipment functions. The working of a gimbal is delineated on the fundamentals of the algorithm and gyroscope. On the basis of it, a gimbal plucks out the bumps and bounces in running footage with the help of motor control. Every movement is detected and followed by a required adjustment.

Why is a Mobile Gimbal essential?

Let’s throw some light on the upsides of this handheld device. Undoubtedly, it is a blessing for professionals and also a motivational facet for passionate photographers. 

  • Buttery smooth footage 
  • Let’s begin with the obvious. Here’s a mobile gimbal advantage that is not possible otherwise. Capturing a flawless video without any shakes is a futile task. Every movement and action is recorded. A gimbal is coined to provide buttery smooth footage that looks absolutely effortless. What are you looking to seize? Beauty, nature, adventure- go for it. The intelligent sensor is sure to blow you away with the results. Shooting a time-lapse video has never felt like a piece of cake. Thanks to a smartphone gimbal, you can get hold of a perfect slow-motion, static, and moving shot. Switch when you like; there’s no room for FOMO.

  • Carry it wherever you like
  • Shoot to your heart's content without any hassle. A mobile gimbal has an ergonomic structure design, portable and foldable. Carry it conveniently when you travel; it can easily slide into your travel bag. There is no extra scope for maneuverability; the device is compact and light in weight. The space-friendly equipment can be stuffed into your camera bag with much ease. Also, it required no extra care, further promoting the notion of travel light. The high-profile equipment will let you outdo your skills on holiday. Come back with the best memories.

  • Fanciful image
  • We cannot discount the gimbal advantage of deriving quality images and videos. A useful accessory is most certainly an ultimatum tool for quality images and beautiful videos. The greatest of all and immensely capable equipment can effortlessly provide blurred-free upshots. It’s an ultra-modern tool that brings high precision and crisp pictures to the palette. Gimbal gives the most cinematic and magnificent-looking image. It is an investment you are never going to regret.

  • Versatility is the strength.
  • A gimbal is seasoned with innovative techniques and features to get the best shot. Its ability to multi-skill is magnificent. The DIGITEK 3-axis handheld gimbal is widely compatible with all models of iPhone, Samsung, Oppo, Realme, Google Pixel, Vivo, Nokia, and most other phones. The easy connectivity also looks into focused subject tracking. With much fluency, you can convert your smartphone to a pro camera and achieve premium footage.

  • Exclusively stable
  • The exclusivity lies in the stability this equipment can provide. Get geared to grab a professional shot with accidental shakes and shudders. A gimbal promises to eliminate some disheartening tremble in the middle of a beautiful shot. It empowers users to capture all details from right to left and up to down without any wobbles. Get a multi-dimensional angle and entrap every slice of your life with the much-desired stability. Gimbals are accompanied by a firm holder to avoid falling into pieces or accidental incidents. So, get ready to grab eyeballs with this picture partner.

    Why is a Mobile Gimbal essential?

    While you are excited to get your hands on this creative shooting tool, here are a few factors to consider before buying a gimbal. Steady and stable are the two promising ‘S’ one looks forward to while indulging in a gimbal. Leaving that aside, there are some important aspects to look into.

  • Battery life and type
  • Compatibility
  • Weight
  • Installed software
  • Two-axis or three-axis stabilizer
  • In-built operation modes
  • Payload capacity
  • Reliability
  • Design
  • Budget
  • Accessory mounts
  • Exclusive features
  • Our gimbal buying guide will come in handy whether you are on an adventurous trip, skating with your friends, painting the town red, or simply spending a day at the beach. Leave no stones unturned while picking the best.

    When should you invest in a Smartphone gimbal?

    Let’s now come straight to the point. In the case of a pondering mind, allow us to tell you when is the right time to invest in this gear.

  • Are you a budding videographer? Well, don’t think twice before getting the gimbal. Only proper tools and equipment can get you closer to a gorgeous video.
  • If you are looking to widen your horizons, a smartphone gimbal will let you gracefully expand your creativity. Film a fast-paced video or record your high-intensity workout for your Instagram followers. Yes, you can do that.
  • When you love filming and are tight on a budget.
  • Apart from stable videos, if you are fascinated with long-exposure pictures.
  • A videographer? Photographer? Influencer? Traveler? A serious hobbyist? Or just immensely passionate? A gimbal is designed for YOU!
  • One Last Thought:

    Smartphones and gimbals are a match made in heaven. A gimbal can add quality to any shot and make every moment a memory. Sure, smartphone cameras have come a long way. But nothing can match the quality and smoothness of a gimbal. And hey, the affordable pricing is like the cherry on the cake. All the more reasons to enhance your skills, isn’t it?