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Digitek: A smart choice

We are in the age where our smartness is determined by the smartness of the gadgets we use. Better the gadgets, higher the smartness. It is next to impossible to survive without a fancy smart phone and a bare minimum set of mobile accessories. Be it earphones, power banks, headphones. Bluetooth speakers or a fancy USB Cable, these accessories are becoming a synonym for the smartness of your mobile device.

Smartphone sales have been burgeoning in India and are expected to manifold by 2020; which is directly proportional to the growth of supplementary accessories market. Rapid urbanization, decreasing prices of mobile phones, e-commerce boom, network connectivity, high speed internet and a paradigm shift towards the internet world and mobile devices has created a major boom in the demand of smart phones and their accessories.

In a world, which is dictated by the smart phones and the gadgets, it is important to make a smart choice at every move. From personal experience to surprising others, you must act smart. Gone are those days when girls were amazed with a rose and bosses were impressed by a fancy pen. People are now smarter (see the influence of smart phones on human mind). In the smarter times, what could possibly be a better gifting choice than a smart phone accessory?

People prefer to flaunt their savvy side. Advanced gadgets and stylish new mobile accessories are like a testament to the smartness of their wits. Today, people love their gadgets more than anything. They look forward to new launches and better versions of each device. And their interest is not just on the crust of knowledge, but they also love to have a good indulgence in the experience of the new technology. Hence, gadgets are the first choice for anyone who owns a smart phone.

Need to create a lasting impression on your associates? Gift them a classy & sturdy Power Bank. Need to influence your employees? Gift them a pair of super bass headphones. And see each of them becoming your fan. There are many brands out there, selling a plethora of mobile accessories. But, when it comes to fine experience and creating an impression- choose the best. Witness the power of a smart accessory by gifting them a smart product from Digitek.

Digitek makes an innovative, stylish and affordable range of mobile and camera accessories that are perfect gifting choice in any personal or professional event. For corporate inquiries you may write at


Music is the essence of life. Music is like a language which can convey and connect with every emotion of our body. There is no better mood elevator than listening to some awesome tunes and dancing along!  Can anyone imagine taking a road trip without music! Music is a big part of our life and the tastes keep on changing constantly based on how we feel.
When you’re feeling sad or emotional, there is no better way to feel it than through music. By just listening to the right kind of music that reflects your mood helps you to feel it in your soul. It helps to connect you with the artist as you understand that we all go through similar life experiences and emotions. Music adds spice to life and helps us to accomplish any tasks. Music is the rhythm of your heart beating like a drum. Music has the amazing effect to massage your soul and energise us from within.
High quality wireless headphone of Digitek helps you hear melodies, every single word of the lyrics and instrumental textures more closely and enlarges your musical experience. Everytime you hear songs from Digitek, it will make you feel that you are listening to it for the first time and would put you close to the presence of the singer. Even if you are working outdoors  you don’t have to worry about the cord getting caught on any of the equipment. Digitek bluetooth headsets are lighter weight and you don’t have to worry about the cord getting tangled when you are running or working out on a gym.




Photography keeps our memories alive. Time flies and the moments gone by, will never come back. We cannot celebrate our 18th birthday again or get our first kiss again,they happen once in our life, and Moments of happiness, fun, friendship, love, togetherness can only be felt through the priceless pictures which can hold the memories for life. It feels great to relive those moments by looking into those beautiful pictures and cherish it.
People are social in nature and they love sharing their happiness,troubles,agonies,achievements,with other people and you know a picture tells a thousand words,so it without doubt makes sense if they do it through photos,so they can have better communication and understanding.
People take pictures to capture the special moments of their life and the time spent with their loved ones. Every picture has a story behind it. You can give everything to photography but photography can give you only one thing and that is Happiness.

Don’t you just HATE it when your phone hits that 1% battery and you don’t have a charger on you? We’ve become so reliant on our phones to stay connected that it’s never good when we have no access to a plug or a charger and we find ourselves stuck. Luckily, Branded Power Banks are here to save everyone’s dying batteries.

We’ve come up with a few scenarios of when you’re most likely to need a power bank in your life. After reading this article, we reckon you’ll be looking to purchase yourself one just in case!

On public transport

Luckily, some public transport like trains and airplanes have plug sockets to plug in your charger if you need to top up on the go. But these can be scarce and perhaps you’re sitting in an area where there is no access to a plug socket. If you’re someone who loves listening to music on a long journey, or scrolling through social media to keep entertained, running out of battery can be painful! A Branded Powerbank will keep you topped up so you can carry on listening to your playlist and scroll through social media to your hearts content!

In the office

In most office spaces, you will most likely have access to electricity, plug sockets, laptops etc so it can be pretty easy to charge up when you need to. But has there ever been a time when you’ve arrived to the office, then halfway through the day you’ve realised you’re running low on charge and you’ve forgotten your charger? And what’s worse, no one else in the office has a charger on them either for you to borrow meaning you’re stuck! Not a problem… grab your Powerbank and charge away!

Short weekends away  

There’s nothing worse than going away on a long weekend somewhere and realising you’ve forgotten your charger. Our branded Powerbanks have enough charge inside of them to last for a short weekend away. Or perhaps you’ve gone abroad and you’ve forgotten your adapters for the right country? There’s no need to stress in trying to find a place that sells adapters in a foreign country if you have your Powerbank ready to go!

Festivals and camping

With Festival season coming up, it’s difficult to access a charging spot for your phone and the majority of the time, festivals charge for you to use them. Or if you’re going on a traditional camping trip, it’s likely you won’t have access to any electricity!

As you can see, Powerbanks can come in handy for any scenario. That’s why getting your Powerbanks branded can add extra value to them; your clients will thank you for giving them such a useful and reliable free gift, plus it gets your brand recognised.

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