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5 Essential Gears For Your Camera Kit

Photographers love camera as much they adore their girlfriends. They treat their camera with utmost care and never fail to accessories their camera kit with some cool add-ons. If you’re one of those camera-lovers who provide nothing but the best for their tool-kit, read on and get yourself cool camera accessories that your kit is missing.


  1. Extra Battery for never ending shoots:

A photographer has an eye for capturing anything with a creative perspective, be it a portrait or a landscape. They can go on the shooting spree for endless hours, without getting tired. They never shy away from going an extra mile to get the best shot at the best moment. And, to keep this spirit going, they need to be backed up with a reliable set of extra batteries. You must have long lasting batteries to keep your camera in power at all times. Checkout the range of Digitek Platinum rechargeable batteries for your camera.

  1. Sturdy Tripod for a sturdy shot:

A good, sturdy tripod is a must have for low-light, night & landscape photography. Make sure you buy a heavy-duty tripod from a trusted brand because you not just mount a camera on it, but also place your faith on it. There’s a range of tripods and monopods that you can select as per your usage and style of photography.

  1. UV protection for lenses:

Protect your expensive lenses from dust, scratches or any other accidental damages. Also, there’s a myth among photographers that using a filter destroys the image quality, but the fact of the matter is that investing in a good UV filter protects your camera for a longer and perfect shots. UV filters by Digitek are inexpensive camera accessories for personal and professional SLR cameras.

  1. Flash lights to lighten up the dull shots:

Every photographer needs a good flash light to stay prepared for the best shots even in the low-light places. Get the lights that fit your style of photography and select the perfect accessory from the wide range of flash lights that comes in all sizes and specifications.

  1. LED Video Lights for a perfect picture:

If you want a picture to look the same as your eyes see it, it is important that the light source doesn’t changes the colour temperature. Hence, the use of LED video lights is becoming popular among professional videographers. LED light panels are taking the place of tungsten and fluorescent as they are energy saving and convenient to use for longer shoot hours. There is a huge variety of LED video lights which can be chosen as per your requirement. You can check out Digitek’s range of LED lights.

Now that you have a list of things that your camera bag must have, start your shopping spree with India’s leading camera and mobile accessories brand-Digitek. You can shop original Digitek product online and offline from authorized retail shops across India.