Power Ace Rapid Power PRP-5200B

Quick Overview

Power Ace Rapid Power PRP-5200B
Smartphone Charger
Power Bank 5200mAh
iPhone4 & 4S Connector



Never let your gadgets run out of power with Power Ace Portable Charger PRP-5200B(5200mAh). Power Ace Portable Charger PRP-5200B is Portable USB Power Bank. It can be easily used with any type of mobile phone, media player, tablet PC, digital camera or any electronic device. Take this compact portable power charger anywhere with you and avoid disappointing moments by recharging your gadgets that are running low on battery. The Power Ace portable Charger PRP-5200B comes with USB connector that cover almost all your USB devices and mobile phones. It is 5200mAh high capacity device.