How Much Calories Have you Burned Today?

How Much Calories Have you Burned Today?

The best fitness tracker watch is one of the ‘must have’ fitness accessories for the health conscious. With the functions of measuring heart rate, steps taken and even sleep patterns, the fitness tracker watch is a valuable motivational tool in the strive to peak fitness. These devices have many a sensor to measure movement, altitude and temperature. The data captured by these sensors is then computed to give outputs such as acceleration, frequency, depth, calories burnt and duration. Once the algorithms have done their work, its then up the app (one would have to find one that is compatible with the device) to present the data in a user friendly manner to the reader.

In stating the above, not all fitness trackers work on par to each other. Some models are basic in their functioning, while others are extremely high tech and would even measure blood oxygen levels and body weight. The data for these gadgets is not as accurate as one would hope though. The more sensors the gadget has, the more accurate all the data captured and complied will be. With so many variables it is almost impossible to gauge to one hundred percent accuracy all the above mentioned outputs of exercise.

The market has exploded with multitudes of different fitness trackers. The selection one has to sift through in order to make the right choice for the individual can sometimes be overbearing. There are a couple of factors that should aid in making the right decision for the buyer, these include the look and feel that is being aimed at, the type of exercise the person will be doing (swimming, skiing, marathon running etc), the weather in which you will be exercising, compatibility with other devices and applications and any other bonus features the purchaser may require.

Having a fitness tracker is by no means a necessity in any form of exercise tracking due to the fact that mobile phones and pedometers would offer more or less the same functionality in terms of tracking movement. In a study by the University of Pennsylvania that was published in the Journal of American Medical Association, where 14 healthy individuals were tested with a range of devices to measure their step accuracy, the pedometer was the forerunner. However, the pedometer may not always be the best choice. Pedometers do not track heart rate and intensity, nor can it track sports like cycling, but the fitness tracker can. Not only does the fitness tracker have the more technological advantage, but it also has the convenience factor. Because the fitness tracker is worn on the wrist, it is easily accessible, not bulky and the wearer will not need to constantly have their phone with them in order to track activity. Some manufacturers even want to try and make a special feature to alert to medical issues.

In summary, the best fitness tracker watch is a stylish, convenient and advanced piece of technology that captures data and presents it easily to the consumer. Undoubtedly, the future products resulting from fitness trackers will be taking the technological world by storm.

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